Fus1on Gaming Hub 2.0: Q&A with Valentin Cobelea

To celebrate the release of the Fus1on Gaming Hub v2.0, we held a Q&A with Valentin Cobelea, CTO & Co-Founder of Roll1ng Thund3rz:
Fus1on Gaming Hub 2.0 is here! What are you most excited about in the update?
Version 2.0 comes with a new user experience given by the the new look and feel. We went with a more modern approach with this new UI.
What else has been added in Fus1on Gaming Hub 2.0?
The marketplace and inventory come with items grouping based on their collection. A new and very fast search field for those item lists. More filters also available. Notifications. Integrated social media, news and events links. And more.
How can users update to Fus1on 2.0? Is it a manual or automatic update?
Automatic, just open the "old" hub and it will update to v2.0
Can you explain what the Fus1on Gaming Hub is for, for those that don't know what it is?
It's an integrated entertainment platform for all our and external products and services, starting with the games we build, a marketplace for all in-game items that users can buy and sell. News related to all these can also be found directly in the hub now. We have the RAMP Network integration for token purchase directly with a debit/credit/Revolut card.
What makes it different from other gaming hubs?
It's the first in the Web3 space to offer this level and volume of features, just like in the classic Web2 space.
What does the future hold for the Hub?
To integrate more external services, all entertainment related. To add more features for the benefit of the users, like social interaction, or put simply, to be able to invite and play with friends. And much much more.
Click here to download the Fus1on Gaming Hub 2.0 for yourself.