Release notes

Disrupting the world of competitive gaming

    • Perk system with graphics and mechanics all in
    • New map : Shooting House
    • Reworked recoil system
    • New muzzle flashes and effects
    • New impact animations and few more material types that react upon hit
    • New home screen player animations
    • Early game adopters reward skin : Founders Edition theme
    • On-screen directional radial damage indicator
    • Weapons & attachments balancing
    • Low-poly maps are out
    • Huge number of bug fixes & optimizations
    • Fixed weapon level appearing as 'MAX' before level 25
    • Fixed incorrect attachment requirements displaying in Customise Weapon UI
    • Fixed BM4S90 Shotgun not gaining XP
    • Fixed visual glitches on Suburbs map
    • Fixed bug that allowed players to leave play area on Suburbs map
    • Fixed melee weapon idle animations becoming frozen
    • Fixed missing weapon icons in HUD
    • Fixed player markers not showing correctly when viewed through a scope
    • Fixed loadouts resetting under certain circumstances.
    • Better spawn point selection when respawning
    • Easter Event - Egg Hunting on Suburbs Map (Day variant)
    • Added radial damage indicator that shows the direction of last hit
    • New, smoother input system with higher FPS and 144Hz support
    • Fixed Gun Game HUD not always updating
    • Fixed RPG damaging player when firing directly up
    • Fixed scope offsets when aiming
    • Fixed shadows passing through walls on Suburbs Map
    • Fixed incorrect icons on Containers Map in menu
    • Fixed duplicate weapons sometimes showing on loadout screen
    • Fixed an issue where players sometimes spawned facing the wrong direction
    • Fixed region being reset for some players after match
    • Fixed graphics settings not saving for some players
    • Fixed an issue with some weapon attachment positions
    • Fixed text issues
    • New HD map - Suburbs.
    • Many general bug fixes and optimisations.
    • Marketplace component prepared for the launch of cosmetic skin NFTs. Founders Edition skins will be available at launch and will be automatically usable in-game once purchased and added to the player's account.
    • Progression for all accounts will be reset to ensure that every player has a fair start upon official launch.
    • Players who install and play the game in the first month will receive an exclusive Roll1ng Thun3rz-branded character skin at the end of April.
    • Double XP event will take place from Friday, March 31 until Sunday, April 2, awarding bonus experience for player profile and weapon progression.
    • A new launcher and hub will be released with version 1.0 - please uninstall previous versions and download the new version of the software here once it becomes available:
    • New HD Map with Day and Night variants - Skyscraper

    • Improved hitbox detection

    • Lighting changes and optimisations to Canyon and Police Station

    • Glass is now breakable throughout Police Station

    • Improved selection weighting for respawn points

    • Improved close-range hit detection

    • Weapon HUD now updates when selecting a new loadout on respawn screen

    • Better shaders for thermal and infrared scopes

    • Increased Smoke Grenade duration

    • New adaptive Leaderboard UI based on number of players

    • New attachment unlock progressions for weapons

    • Multiple balance changes to weapons and attachments

    • Fixed an issue where some players could move before initial countdown was finished

    • Fixed an issue where high-resolution body parts were not always appearing

    • Fixed third-person melee animations

    • Fixed ping spikes when loading into a new map for some players

    • Fixed an issue with the incorrect map being loaded when reconnecting to a lobby

    • Fixed multiple visual and text issues

    • New High Definition map - Police Station
    • Fixed lighting issues on Night variant of Canyon
    • Improved thermal scope display
    • Various audio and sound effect fixes
    • Fixed bugs related to scope aiming direction and camera position
    • Fixed a bug where the player's body or arms sometimes appeared on screen when aiming
    • General bug fixes and improvements
    • New High Definition map - Canyon (day and night variants)
    • Storage map - Night variant added
    • All weapon models have now been replaced with new High Definition versions
    • Audio system improvements - footsteps now sound different depending on ground surface type
    • New High Definition models and skins for melee weapons
    • Fixed collider issues on Storage map
    • Fixed various bugs related to grenades
    • Training map data is now stored in the player's cloud account
    • Added anti-cheat protection to the Training map
    • General bug fixes and performance improvements
    • New High Definition map - Storage
    • Introduced double-XP and triple-XP consumable items that can be used in a match to level up faster
    • New level progression system implemented with unlockable items (XP bonuses, XP consumables, weapons and attachments) - available under Career -> Progress from the main menu
    • Continued to make improvements to in-game audio
    • Implemented performance improvements for multiple maps
    • General bug fixes and improvements
    • New audio system implemented with new UI audio effects; more audio improvements to be implemented next week
    • Enabled audio settings from the main menu, allowing players to change Master, Environment, UI and Gameplay volume settings
    • Added new, high-resolution grenades
    • Added customisable grenade skins, including the ability to change smoke grenade colour
    • Added weapon skin previews to customisation buttons
    • Changed wording on weapon statistics panel for clarity
    • Fixed move speed display issue under weapon statistics
    • Fixed incorrect weapon magazine being displayed on loadout panel
    • Fixed a rare bug where Loadouts panel became inaccessible
    • Performance improvements made to Outdoors and Construction maps
    • General bug fixes and performance improvements
    • Added daily and weekly missions comprising three regular missions that award 2,000XP each and a bonus mission that awards 4,000XP
    • Daily missions reset at 00:00 UTC and weekly missions reset every Monday at 00:00 UTC
    • Missions can be viewed in the main menu and by pressing ESC during a match
    • Added in-game stats to the bottom of the UI
    • Added new damage indicator and health indicator to UI
    • Improved death screen and added scoreboard and time-to-kill stats
    • Fixed player rank icon colour to progress from green -> blue -> orange -> red
    • Fixed a bug where players became immune to damage
    • Fixed a collision issue that caused players to fall through the map
    • General bug fixes and improvements
    • Added in-game pop-up notifications for new levels, unlocks, and ribbons
    • Multiple visual improvements to in-game UI
    • Implemented new recoil system
    • Rebalanced DMRs, assault rifles, and shotguns
    • Players are now invincible for 3 seconds after spawning into a game
    • Further improvements to anti-cheat system
    • Improved matchmaking and lag compensation system
    • Made graphical optimisations to Blizzard map
    • Fixed graphical issues with certain character customisation options
    • Fixed culling issue on dead bodies
    • Fixed erratic ragdoll behaviour
    • Fixed some physics issues when running at lower FPS
    • Fixed issue where incorrect loadout and character customisation options were displayed
    • An important release aimed at improving existing mechanics and adding major new features
    • Added new high-definition 3D character models with many more skin variants
    • New Customisation: Character screen added where players can customise their character
    • Significant overhaul to main menu - now features the player's most recent character with equipped customisations
    • Added new skins for sniper rifles
    • General bug fixes and improvements
    • This is one of our biggest beta releases yet - enjoy all the new features and mechanics!
    • Massive overhaul to Customisation : Loadout screen, including a brand-new interface and mechanics for building weapons
    • New screen added under Career : Unlocks, featuring details on weapon unlocks and player progression
    • Weapon progression - players now level up weapons by earning kills and unlock new weapons as they progress
    • Attachment progression - players now unlock new attachments for specific weapons as they level them up
    • Both weapon and attachment progression systems are in beta and subject to ongoing refinement and changes
    • Added option to reset loadouts to default in the case of any errors
    • Fixed bug related to weapon reloading
    • Fixed issue with incorrect team colours
    • Fixed issue with dog tags after player leaves match
    • General bug fixes and improvements
    • Fixed bugs to prepare for the launch of major new features in the coming weeks
    • Improvements to multiplayer matchmaking
    • Fixed major issue with "Play Again" function - Players are now matched together correctly when starting a new game
    • Fixed issue when swapping weapons during gameplay
    • Several improvements to map level design
    • General bug fixes and performance optimisation
    • Improvements to anti-cheat system
    • New skins for handguns
    • Attachments now affect weapon behaviour - try them out from the Customisation - Loadout menu
    • Ammunition is no longer unlimited
    • Improvements to online matchmaking
    • General bug fixes & performance optimisation
    • Ribbon achievements list now available under Career - Achievements
    • Conditions for ribbon achievements changed
    • Improvements made to the online matchmaking system
    • Disabled "Play Again" button in post-match screen due to core changes - will be updated in future
    • Fixes applied to Training map
    • General bug fixes and improvements
    • New Training mode available under Play menu - Hone your skills a on a new map where time and targets are the enemy
    • Considerable improvements to online matchmaking
    • Added ability to join a random match from the Join screen
    • Improvements to weapon scopes
    • General bug fixes and improvements
    • All player ranks reset to 0.
    • New ribbon achievement system added for all weapon classes.
    • New Paradise map - an exotic island arena with a bright, tropical setting and a Pandora-like night variant
    • New weapon and attachment skins
    • Added Christmas-themed weapon stickers
    • Career screen now available from main menu, allowing players to track stats like KDA, KDR, team/FFA achievements, and much more
    • Player levels reset and overhauled with improved icons
    • New matchmaking system - will display more live matches with a greater number of players and reduced lag
    • Several main menu and in-game UI improvements
    • Improvements to weapon scope aiming mechanics
    • New player location marker icon added
    • Web3War social media channels added to main menu
    • Large number of fixes implemented, including maps, colliders, and lighting
    • New map added - Blizzard
    • New game mode added - Kill Confirmed (Free-For-All and Teams)
    • Free-For-All added to Deathmatch game mode
    • Performance optimised across all maps
    • New in-game cursor added
    • Added new skins for all weapons
    • General bug fixes and improvements
    New Features
    • New map added - City
    • Player avatars have been added and can be changed under the Customise -> Profile menu
    • Player avatars now displayed in lobby, scoreboard, HUD, reward screen, and kill feed
    Performance improvements
    • Faster hit detection for melee weapons
    • Major optimizations to improve general in-game performance
    Gameplay changes
    • Map spawn locations improved
    • Weapons and scopes changed for Gun Game
    • Weapon order changed for Gun Game
    • Default and scope crosshairs improved
    Bug fixes
    • Fixed hit offset for several weapons when aiming down sight
    • Fixed main menu graphics issues
    • Fixes applied to ground collider for Bazaar map
    • General bug fixes and improvements
    New Features
    • New map - Bazaar - introduced (including both day and night modes)
    • New weapons - 2 new ARs and 1 new shotgun
    • New skins introduced for all weapons
    Performance improvements
    • Button to show/hide password added in create match screen
    • Improved third-person animations added for aiming and idling
    • Improved crosshairs for weapons
    Gameplay changes
    • All scopes now available on all weapons
    • New order of weapons in Gun Game
    • Further refinements to weapon balancing
    • Melee attacks now break glass in office map
    Bug fixes
    • Fix for Gun Game - knife attack sometimes not working
    • Fix for headshots ignoring armour
    • Fix for sticker positions on all weapons
    • Fix for bullet ricochet on multiple maps
    • Fix for geometry flicking on Office map
    • UI button highlight fixes
    • Fix for excess fall damage not killing player
    • Character skinning and animation fixes
    • Fix for being able to sprint while prone
    • Rocket Launcher damage/collision fixes
    New Features
    • A large collection of new weapon skins has been added.
    • Added new high-definition weapon skins to the weapon customisation interface.
    • Improvements made to in-game and main menu user interface.
    Performance improvements
    • Fixes deployed for lighting and shadows across all maps.
    • Character movement has been optimised to improve game performance.
    • Fixes introduced for several bugs identified in previous releases
    Gameplay changes
    • Improvements and bug fixes applied to bullet trajectory and explosions.
    • Muzzle flash has been greatly reduced.
    • Fixes applied to acceleration while jumping and falling.
    Important notes from the devs
    • Don’t forget we are in public beta - many things may still change between now and the final release of the game.
    Next / soon
    • A new map and many more features.
    New Features
    • New lobby design introduced for creating and joining matches
    • First character customization options available, accessible through ‘Customize > Character’ on the main menu
    • Glass in internal windows and doors on Office map now breaks upon bullet impact
    • New design elements introduced to the Construction map, including the ability to climb to the top of the largest crane.
    • Show/hide button for text in the password input field added.
    Performance improvements
    • Several optimisations to the lighting and shadows introduced across all maps.
    • New optimizations for collision detection and colliders across all maps
    • Fixes introduced for several bugs identified in previous releases
    Gameplay changes
    • In-game screen position of active weapon adjusted
    • Further changes to weapon stats as part of on-going weapon balancing
    • Office map rescaled - expect further changes in future releases.
    • Improvements to hit registration and feedback introduced
    Important notes from the devs
    • Don’t forget we are in beta testing mode - many things may still change between now and the final release of the game.
    Next / soon
    • A new map and many more features.
    New Features
    • New UI elements introduced as part of an overhaul of GUI.
    • Office map internal windows now break upon bullet impact.
    Performance improvements
    • Big improvements to the stability and overall performance of the game.
    • Local player input has been upgraded to overcome issues encountered by players with high ping.
    • Refinements to level design
    • Collider optimisations introduced to improve gameplay.
    • Several bugs fixed.
    Gameplay changes
    • Various adjustments to weapons balancing for damage, recoil, spread and ADS speed.
    Important notes from the devs
    • Don’t forget we are in beta testing mode - many things may still change between now and the final release of the game.
    Next / soon
    • A new map and many more features.
    New Features
      • Two new maps have been introduced:
        • Office*
        • Construction*
      • Gun game mode
      • New in-game user interface featuring a redesigned health bar, armor, stamina and ammunition stats.

    * Please note: These features are still in development – some bugs might occur but we’re on top of them.

    Performance improvements
    • Lowered memory consumption.
    • Faster match start.
    • Fixed lag spike when a new player joins the game.
    • Faster colliders across all maps and character body.
    • Several optimizations and improvements..
    Gameplay changes
    • Various adjustments to weapons balancing for damage, recoil, spread and ADS speed.
    Important notes from the devs
    • Due to the large number of new features, improvements and optimisations included as part of this release, we recommend uninstalling the Gaming Hub and performing a clean reinstall from the w3w. game website. Don’t forget we are in beta testing mode - many things may still change between now and the final release of the game.
    Next / soon
    • Further fixes and improvements.
    • More maps and game modes.
    • Weapons balancing
    • Logout button added to the top-left corner of the interface
    • Added new error messages and expanded error message details
    • Changes made to a number of the images and graphics within the hub
    • Many new fixes and optimisations in preparation for NFT marketplace
    • New UI popup system introduced for events (success/error) messages while performing any actions
    • Several changes to the Gaming Hub UI, including a holiday theme, new icons, current game version identifier and new version on the update button
    • General improvements and fixes across game management and update mechanics.
    New Features
    • Gaming Hub beta v0.6.11 is already live and includes fixes to improve the installation and update process.
    • Server connection speed has been improved.
    • Changes made to improve platform security.
    • Downloads screen added to show all active downloads - accessible from the bottom-right of the hub
    • Added option to easily cancel ongoing downloads
    • Auto-update disabled and being refactored, pending update in the near future
    • Ongoing work under the hood to prepare integrated blockchain features
    • General bug fixes and improvements
    New Features
    • Improved backend server communication speed
    • Additional security layers
    • Show/hide button for password field
    • Added more messages from what issues/error a player might get
    • Removed terminal popups
    Bug Fixes
    • Games location changed to cover several corner case scenarios
    • Fixed local files verification error
    • Implemented new N3UTR0N anti-hack system
    • Made several improvements and changes to the user interface
    • General bug fixes and improvements
    New Features
    • New optimizations for the install and update process
    • More messages and feedback added during the install/update process
    • Changes to improve the UI of the Gaming Hub.
    • Show/hide button for text in the password input field added.
    New Features
    • Several bug fixes implemented for issues affect downloading, verifying and/or installing new updates.
    • New feedback status messages added during the update phase.
    • New loading icon introduced during update and install for all games.