Roll1ng Thund3rz unveils online access to FUS1ON MARK3T


October 5th, 2023


Roll1ng Thund3rz unveils online access to FUS1ON MARK3T - the Gaming Hub marketplace at 


Pioneering Web3 entertainment company Roll1ng Thund3rz has taken a leap forward by making the FUS1ON Gaming Hub marketplace (FUS1ON MARK3T) available to players online through 


This development offers an easy avenue for users to navigate the MARK3T interface, allowing them to register, log in, and conduct transactions seamlessly using any device with an internet connection, right from their web browsers. The MARK3T is an easy-to-use platform for purchasing, managing, and trading cosmetic skin NFTs, tokens, and other digital assets linked to the Web3-enabled games available through the FUS1ON Gaming Hub.


The FUS1ON Gaming Hub as a platform delivers an immersive and accessible gaming experience with innovative integration of Web3 technology. Until now, users primarily accessed this platform and its marketplace through the dedicated FUS1ON Gaming Hub application for Windows. However, this new release on signifies a major expansion, making the hub’s marketplace easily accessible to a broader audience without the need to use specific operating systems or devices.


Players can now interact with the FUS1ON MARK3T from their preferred browser and device, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. The convenience of accessing the platform through a web browser enhances the accessibility and inclusivity of the Web3 gaming community, allowing for a more versatile and flexible experience for players and Web3 enthusiasts.


Commenting on the launch of online access to the MARK3T, Valentin Cobelea, Founder & CTO of Roll1ng Thund3rz, said:

"We are elated to offer the marketplace feature of FUS1ON Gaming Hub to our users on the web through This move embodies our commitment to making Web3 gaming, and especially the player inventory, easily accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of which device they use. Our growing community of players can now dive into the MARK3T from any internet-connected device."


The FUS1ON Gaming Hub's marketplace expansion to an online platform marks a significant step for Roll1ng Thund3rz, aligning with the company’s mission to revolutionise the gaming and entertainment landscape with Web3 technology. 


Players are encouraged to explore the FUS1ON MARK3T at, register, and enjoy the platform’s many features from the comfort of their preferred device and web browser. 


Stay tuned for more updates as Roll1ng Thund3rz continues to innovate and elevate the Web3 gaming and entertainment experience, delivering a new and exciting approach to gaming that puts the player experience first.